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No same-sex lovers were involved, Caetano stated. Women who are in a physically abusive romantic relationship might be drinking as a form of self-medication, said Rita Smith, executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence in Denver. It could be as very much that factor as that they have an alcohol abuse problem. We don’t know that. Smith said that the Conflict Tactics Scale used in the study is an imperfect tool for analyzing violence because context could possibly be lost.It quickly became very clear that the case amounts were continuing to go up, that there were also cases in adults, and that other areas of Germany, especially northern Germany, were also affected. A study of the outbreak regarding all levels of public-health and food-safety authorities was initiated to identify the causative agent and the vehicle of infection to be able to prevent further cases of disease. Sprouts were defined as the most likely vehicle of contamination eventually.3 The most common reservoir for these bacterias is ruminants, cattle particularly.4 Earlier, we presented descriptive epidemiologic, clinical, and microbiologic information on the unusual outbreak in Germany in an initial report . This report updates and finalizes this given information.