Book of Chances has launched Flu Week.

Flu Week will let you know the odds to getting the flu , the chances of dying from influenza in a year , the chances a child will get a vaccination against the flu and the odds you will dodge the shot because the truth is you’re afraid of needles . When: Flu Week will need place November 2-6, 2009 Where: Publication of Odds’ flu content material is available on-line at: Why: Book of Chances’ mission is to educate readers about risk and how exactly it affects their daily lives. The website is updated daily with new content material but will periodically feature themed content releases around major events, issues, or news stories, like the flu season.. A look at the odds associated with the influenza virus What are the chances you shall be one of the unlucky types who gets the flu this year? Book of Chances has launched ‘Flu Week,’ a remarkable consider the odds linked to the influenza virus.Her mom loved him Even. For the first couple of months, Sarah seemed happy. She started to miss her family and friends, though, because she was spending additional time with Brian and less time with everyone else. That seemed much easier than coping with Brian’s endless questions. He worried about what she was carrying out at every second of the day. But Sarah’s friends became concerned when her behavior started to change. She lost curiosity in the plain issues she once enjoyed, like swim meets and going to the mall. She became moody and secretive. When her friends asked if she was having difficulty with Brian, they were told by her nothing was wrong.