A Boy and A Birthmark: Evans Story Im Evan Ducker.

It amazes me how supportive and generous folks have been of my trigger to raise birthmark awareness worldwide. Since 2005, my publication and my read-along have grown by word of mouth and brought me personally a lot of unbelievable possibilities and surprises. Due to my book, I’ve been on tv , had book signings in stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders, and spoken at medical conferences and schools. Sort of by accident, I’ve become a spokesperson for children with birthmarks. In June 2009 I was honored among the country’s Best Youth World-Changers when I was called a national finalist in the Do Something Awards. Furthermore to winning a weekend in NEW YORK and a photo shoot, A contract was signed by me with Doritos, and my trigger and picture will end up being appearing on 44 million Doritos bags.After learning that she got an large tumor in one of her breasts unusually, Richards was told by her doctors that she’d have to begin an aggressive treatment protocol that involved eliminating the breast, having it reconstructed, and undergoing an intense group of radiation and hormone treatments to keep it at bay. Knowing a bit about the toll this might take on her body, Richards decided to take a different path. ‘The cancers consultant who’d performed my ultrasound scans said my tumor was so large I’d need accelerated chemotherapy for several months,’ writes Richards about her initial diagnosis. ‘He said I would almost certainly want a mastectomy or at least a big lumpectomy with significant reconstruction, my lymph nodes taken out, radiotherapy and five years of hormone-altering drugs from then on.’ After researching alternative options, Richards decided to eliminate all glucose and dairy from her diet, including most fruits, and instead eat lots of vegetables and take high doses of vitamin C intravenously.