According to a report by researchers at Stanford University.

Incentivize payers or providers to provide or refer individuals to preventive dental care, today similar to colon and cervical cancers screenings routinely offered. To implement these types of solutions, which may require alterations in the true way dental services are bought and payed for in the usa, dental care must be viewed not as an optional add-on but as an integral part of an individual's overall health caution, the authors wrote..See the article on NSA blackmail by NaturalNews founder Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, here:.. After surgery check colon tumors for signs of syndrome, study suggests A new study shows that, after medical procedures, all colon tumors should be tested to learn if the individual may have an inherited syndrome that carries an extremely risky of cancer. In addition, it suggests that this prescreening can be carried out using a fairly inexpensive microscopy test already found in medical center pathology laboratories. The analysis showed that two to three % of individuals with colon cancer most likely have got mutations for the inherited syndrome, referred to as Lynch syndrome . Prescreening for Lynch syndrome will help determine if the individual and his / her relatives should consider genetic counseling and screening for the syndrome.