Agito Networks wins top honors in the annual MobileVillage Cell Star Awards program Agito Systems.

Because ‘Go Mobile’ readers will be the industry’s most savvy mobile business users, Mobile Star Awards winners can claim they will be the users’ choice, says Jon Covington, MobileVillage president and founder. Winners are chosen by real users based on real results, not hype. Brand new mobile providers competed on equal footing with well-set up solutions, and both nominees and winners are respected in the cellular market as the leaders to view. This year, 2 nearly, 000 votes had been received within the program.The analysis had four periods: a 21-time screening period; an 8-week period of dosage adjustment that may be prolonged up to 20 weeks if needed to reach the randomly designated dosage of bardoxolone methyl; dose maintenance from the ultimate end of the dose-adjustment period through week 52; and follow-up for 4 weeks following the last dose. The usage of concomitant medicines, including antihypertensive agents, was altered by the treating physician according to established guidelines.