And having an fulfilling and active sex life.

A WHOLESOME Heart Equals a wholesome Sex Life Research shows that there is a substantial link between having a healthy heart , and having an fulfilling and active sex life. If you want to enjoy our sexuality to its fullest taking care of our heart is vital then. Obviously taking care of our hearts on an psychological level is essential for an excellent sex life, but the wellness of the physical organ can be essential. After all, for our genitals to optimally function, they require a wholesome blood flow. People who have clogged arteries or bad circulation might have difficulty getting aroused.The persistence of cortisol hypersecretion despite suppressed plasma corticotropin levels was regarded as the result of an autonomous process. However, several studies published over the past two decades show that hyperplastic adrenal glands display abnormal expression of varied membrane receptors that get excited about the control of cortisol production.2-6 These aberrant receptors include ectopic receptors for glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide, luteinizing hormone, and catecholamines and abnormally active eutopic receptors like the vasopressin type 1a5 and serotonin type 4 receptors.7 We previously described aberrant expression of corticotropin in a single case of corticotropin-independent macronodular adrenal hyperplasia,14 which suggests that ectopic production of the peptide in the adrenal cortex may have induced adrenocortical hyperplasia and hypercortisolism.