Abbott to Acquire STARLIMS Systems Ltd.

STARLIMS Technologies Ltd. is a respected provider of laboratory details management systems , with approximately 160 workers worldwide and a lot more than twenty years of LIMS experience. The company’s flagship item, STARLIMS, improves the reliability of laboratory sampling procedures, supports compliance with domestic and international industry and regulations standards, and comprehensive reporting, analysis and monitoring capabilities. STARLIMS software can be used for quality assurance and control, testing and monitoring, and development and analysis in government, life and production sciences organizations. Headquartered in Israel, with procedures in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, the ongoing company serves over 500 organizations in 40 countries.Another obstacle for consumers could be foods that have associated health halos, Ellison warns. Salads certainly are a common exemplory case of a food that experiences the 'health halo' effect, she said. Customers expect salads to become healthy because they possess many vegetables. They believe that no matter what else is added to the salad, it must be healthy still. While this logic can be used, however, it's not sound. In most cases, by adding any type of meats or dressing to a full-portion salad, the salad approaches the threshold for red-light foods quickly. Ellison says the symbol doesn't necessarily have to be a traffic light.