Rare Condition Can Masculinize Women: WEDNESDAY.

21, 2015 – – For some women, some hair thinning from the scalp along with more body hair are just regular signs of aging. In some cases, though, these noticeable changes might stem from a little-known condition that transmits testosterone levels soaring. Composing in the Oct. 22 New England Journal of Medicine, doctors describe simply such a case: A 57-year-old female who found them with body-hair growth, balding, an increasingly male-sounding voice, and other symptoms of excessive testosterone levels. After ruling out a few of the usual suspects – – including tumors of the adrenal glands and ovaries – – her doctors ultimately settled on an obscure diagnosis known as ovarian hyperthecosis.Individuals were assigned to receive diacetylmorphine, methadone, or hydromorphone in a 45:45:10 ratio. Randomization was stratified according to middle and according to the number of previous methadone treatments . Eligible participants were instructed to go to the treatment clinic on the following Monday morning, at which time these were first informed of their treatment assignment. Interventions A total of 111 participants were assigned to get oral methadone randomly, and 115 participants were randomly assigned to receive injectable diacetylmorphine .