A contraceptive pill for men!

Liu who provides collated the outcomes of trials from the United Kingdom, america, China, Indonesia and Melbourne, says he has discovered a 100 per cent success rate with the pills and injections of male hormones, which prevent sperm production. The hormone-based contraceptive for men seems to produce few unwanted effects, but lengthy term unwanted effects are unclear at present. Regarding to Liu and his group most of the trials of the man contraceptives are being held in China and European countries. As much as 1,549 healthy men, took component in 30 trials carried out during 1990-2005.Falciparum monoinfection and fever that had developed within the preceding 24 hours. Exclusion requirements were complicated or serious malaria,13 anemia , severe vomiting, diarrhea, pregnancy or lactation, any clinically significant illness other than malaria, hepatic or renal impairment, known hypersensitivity or allergy to the analysis drugs, usage of an antimalarial drug in the preceding 2 weeks, usage of an investigational drug in the preceding 4 weeks, and previous participation in this scholarly study. Treatment and Procedures Study remedies were administered orally with water once daily for 3 days .2:2.4 mg per kilogram of body weight to 13.8:4.6 mg per kilogram; the actual doses had been 7.1 to 14.0 mg per kilogram for pyronaridine and 2.4 to 4.7 mg per kilogram for artesunate.