5 things to do when you are pregnant Once doctors tell you that you are pregnant.

In case you are sure you are going to have the baby, it is critical to be prepared now. You might be wondering how to proceed next and a being pregnant to-perform list can have some fun activities with a few essential activities to make this time fun and unforgettable. Following will be the 5 things which you can add to your list: 1. Take care of your body: Today, you cannot exercise how you could do when you weren’t pregnant and you’ll need to take care of your health more. Meet your health care specialist and begin your vitamin course, eat a healthy diet, exercise in a being pregnant friendly way and rest properly.In response, Alion Technology and Science, an employee-possessed technology solutions company, is leading a modeling and simulation research effort that could help enhance the field of prosthetic limbs. Alion was awarded an 18-month, $1.4 million contract from the U.S. Army Medical Analysis Acquisition Activity to explore affordable and improved methods in bringing robotic control technology to the field of prosthetic limbs. The program is designed to augment and accelerate the development of implantable electronic sensors and the advancement and application of digital prototyping simulation models, which will help the amputee better control the prosthetic ultimately. ‘This critically important system is expected to create a model for creating a unique, than a one-size fits all rather, robotic prosthetic device for an amputee, lower charges for embedding sensors within a limb, and a sophisticated integrated control system that allows for lighter, more comfortable and more cost-effective prostheses,’ stated Back Admiral Richard Brooks, USN , Alion’s Distributed Simulation Group Manager.