70 medical personnel treated Thomas Duncan in Dallas.

The Dallas Morning Information has also reported an unidentified friend of Pham’s is being monitored for the condition, confirming as well that Alcon CEO Jeff George had sent out an email about Pham’s boyfriend being admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital for observation. Learn all these details and more at the FREE on the web Pandemic Preparedness program at.. 70 medical personnel treated Thomas Duncan in Dallas; 21-day countdown now underway Dozens of workers from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas arrived to direct connection with Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian national who became the initial Ebola victim to die in the U.S.He says the outcomes of the study might help doctors better tune their care to meet the requirements of their adolescent and young adult patients. ‘Our analysis shows increasing individual referral to community-based interpersonal service agencies and reputable Internet resources can boost the care and improve the quality of existence for this band of patients,’ he says. ‘The even more we realize about their needs, the better support health care professionals shall be able to provide.’.

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