According to a written report recently released by the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada currently designates HIV as a notifiable disease, which means there is no mandatory conditions for follow-up among immigrants who check HIV-positive. However, every territory and province lists HIV as a reportable disease, the CP/Star reports. Mark Gilbert, co-writer of the survey, said the purpose of producing HIV a reportable disease would be to connect with new immigrants who might not understand that treatment assistance is certainly available.Associate Professor Stephen Robinson from Monash’s Section of Psychology said it could also be used to screen elderly drivers, evaluate head accidents in sportspeople or detect impairment in high-functioning groupings such as pilots, where a decrease in cognition could have disastrous results. With colleague Dr Greg Yelland, Dr Robinson can be evaluating whether the test could possibly be used to identify people at risky of developing Alzheimer’s, raising the possibility of early treatment for the disease. The test originated because existing checks lacked sensitivity and some cannot be re-used for up to half a year because test topics could ‘learn’ the correct response to provide, Dr Robinson said.