In light of the serious crisis facing the nations AIDS Drug Assistance System.

Many of the sufferers reliant on ADAP take Kaletra, which includes generated millions in revenue for Abbott. However, at a cost of over $6,400 each year, ADAP can no longer afford to pay for this and additional Abbott drugs without cost relief. Given that Kaletra is sold ‘at cost’ for $400 per year in developing countries, Abbott can lower the purchase price and still make a huge profit significantly, yet it has not. Why offers Abbott refused to lower the price of Kaletra for the ADAP program? Other Abbott Information: All-time Kaletra Revenue = $8 billion.Besides working with pharmaceutical companies, our researchers are working with some of the world's largest personal caution companies, a number which have expanded their R&D actions here. The Procter & Gamble Singapore Development Centre, for instance, will provide more than 500 analysis jobs when it’s completed early next calendar year. We are fully focused on placing Singapore at the forefront of analysis in skin biology and related fields, to continue to enhance the proposition for businesses to find their research activities right here.