The scheme is component of Australias broader regional HIV/AIDS program.

$5 million to assist Pacific island nations develop and implement country-specific HIV/AIDS prevention Australia will provide $5 million for a Pacific HIV/AIDS Grant Scheme to aid Pacific island nations develop and put into action country-specific HIV/AIDS avoidance and information campaigns. The scheme is component of Australia’s broader regional HIV/AIDS program, made to reduce the spread of the condition and mitigate the effects on people living with HIV/AIDS. The establishment of the grant scheme demonstrates Australia’s partnership with our Pacific neighbours. We recognise that the Asia-Pacific area could become the new epicentre of the global pandemic if vigorous and effective responses are not strengthened and improved.And South African CONRAD and governments, a nonprofit. Gilead Sciences, the U.S. Maker of Viread, donated the drug’s active ingredient, and the gel-filled applicators were manufactured locally in South Africa. The cost was about $2 per applicator, Karim said. ‘For the product to be viable,’ he added, ‘it shall need to cost just a few cents.’ More work will be needed to work out how to bring costs down, Karim said.. 7 Factors That Can Increase your Breast Cancer Risk Breast cancers is a type of malignancy that affects around 44,500 people each year. It can effect both men and women with 300 men getting diagnosed with the condition annually approximately.