AkzoNobel offers joined forces with SuikerUnie.

Commenting on the partnership, Albert Markusse, CEO of SuikerUnie, said: The truly interesting factor of this approach is certainly the collaboration that will take place between different sectors – agriculture, chemicals and logistics. The results will end up being interesting for all of us all. Siem Jansen, President of the Expense and Development Company for the Northern Netherlands , also expectations for a positive final result: Sugar beets certainly are a main crop, not only in the northern area of the Netherlands, but also across the border in Niedersachsen. New quality value products predicated on this crop will effect the complete value chain and may provide an important enhance to the regional economy.He added that although these subgroup findings are intriguing, they need to end up being interpreted with caution due to the statistical restrictions of this type of analysis. Similar undesireable effects among individuals with diabetes and renal impairment, along with an increased incidence of nonfatal stroke, led to the termination of another trial with called ALTITUDE in 2011 aliskiren. The patients in the ASTRONAUT study were a completely different population, described Dr. Gheorghiade. He further mentioned that the ASTRONAUT research didn’t reproduce the design of clinical outcomes seen in ALTITUDE, and in particular, aliskiren-treated sufferers in ASTRONAUT experienced a lesser risk of stroke than the placebo group.