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The unit can accept external ruthless or low pressure sources of oxygen. A USB Interface provides online connectivity to an exterior printer, and permits a connection of a USB flash drive to off-load logged data. An Ethernet Port allows for Local Area Network online connectivity. The MedEx 1000 is intended to be used in hospitals, aircraft, ambulances, field hospitals, and extended care facilities. Another upgrade will allow additional medical products to become added using the Auxiliary Gadget Port and be controlled and shown through the MedEx 1000.The numbers rise higher when the data involves osteopenia even, where bone loss has already been apparent but hasn’t reached the stage of osteoporosis. In that case, almost half of seniors – – a lot more than 52 % of ladies and 44 % of males – – had osteopenia, the data showed. Of course, rates of osteoporosis rose with age – – about 26 % of adults aged 80 or older had the problem. But the CDC team also noted that nearly 13 % of all adults between 65 and 79 years of age had osteoporotic bones.