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AVERT System Benefits Reduces contrast by up to 40 percent Saves contrast Uncompromised image visualization Fast, simple.. AVERT System receives FDA clearance for controlled infusion of radiopaque contrast media in angiographic procedures Osprey Medical Inc. today announced that it provides received U.S. The AVERT System can be a proprietary technology made to reduce the quantity of dye injected and exposed to individuals undergoing angiogram or diagnostic center methods.Pritzker Prize for Leadership in Parkinson's Research is made possible by Karen Pritzker , girl of Robert A. Pritzker , and her husband, investor Michael Vlock. Their preliminary present of $1.5M over three years provided a $100,000 grant to the Pritzker Prize recipient each full season, and also $400,000 to support allied MJFF research applications. This year, they announced their intend to continue their support of the annual prize in the arriving years. We are honoring my dad by assisting and celebrating talented scientists whose creativity, creativity and dedication are making unparalleled developments in Parkinson's study.