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Many times, inflammation doesn’t have any symptoms and for that reason, it is impossible to diagnose at an early stage. More people are currently consuming Omega-6 essential fatty acids as compared to Omega-3 essential fatty acids . When you provide fish oil supplements to kids, there is less danger to their health. 3. There are less behavioural issues with children taking fish oil supplements Various research studies have shown that folks who are identified as having behavioural issues like ADD, anxiety, depression, bipolar ADHD and disorder are recognized to have a deficiency of Omega 3 fatty acids. When you give fish oil supplements to your son or daughter from an early age, you prevent him from having these circumstances or developing any behavioural complications in the future.However, babies born to these women might have a higher risk of problems, such as for example breathing issues, the study said. Our results provide evidence that acquiring these antidepressants is associated with a lower threat of preterm birth and cesarean section, and further confirm the outcomes from previous study of an increased risk for several neonatal problems, senior study author Dr. Alan Brown, a professor of psychiatry and epidemiology at Columbia University in NEW YORK, said in a university news release. Given these divergent results, the decision whether to prescribe these medications during pregnancy ought to be individualized to the mother’s medical and psychiatric history, he said.