Infant Deaths At Lowest Rate Ever: CDC: THURSDAY.

Mathews, a demographer at CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. However, ‘in 2013, we saw the lowest baby mortality rate ever,’ he said. ‘That’s very good news. There had been a long time when the rate was continuous and wasn’t declining, after that in 2009 2009 we began to see some declines, and we are continuing to find that. It’s not a sharp decline, but it’s going in the proper direction.’ In 2013, 23,446 infants died in the usa, 208 fewer than in 2012, the researchers found. ‘Not long ago, we were around 28,000 to 30,000 deaths,’ Mathews said. ‘There are still a lot of baby deaths, but that there are fewer means there were positive changes.’ For most groups, the infant death rate remained stable.This PET/MRI system has sub-mm artefact-free imaging overall performance mounted in-range with a translational field-strength MRI of 3.0T and 16 cm bore.?.

400 dead dolphins washed ashore in Peru in January Hundreds of dead dolphins splashed up on northern Peru’s Pacific Sea beaches in January, confounding scientists and marine biologists. In every, officials say more than 400 of the mammals have washed ashore in an area where a lot more than twice that quantity were within 2012, The Associated Press reports. Authorities have up to now been unable to find out why the dolphins had been dying in 2012 but are currently in the process of executing autopsies on the most recent dolphins to wash ashore last month, in the Lambayeque area of Peru’s north coastline.