This time around in a volcanic lake in the Philippines.

On Mon Though there were 115 earthquakes detected around Taal, which is a razor-sharp spike from the normal ten to 15 that typically occur, and a reliable general rise in seismic activity in the certain area in recent weeks, specialists from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology insist this coincidental incident is not at all connected to the seafood deaths. If the dissolved oxygen drops and it rains, the fish cannot breathe and it dies, stated Rosario del Mundo from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources . She and others hyperlink heavy end-of-summer months rains to the kill, noting that temperature ranges have dropped quickly in recent weeks.Consult with the school to learn its policies and discover how teachers and personnel can address the problem. Remove the bait. Whether it’s lunch money or devices that the school bully is definitely after, you can help neutralize the problem by encouraging your child to pack a lunch time or head to school gadget-free. Buddy up for security. Two or more close friends position at their lockers are less inclined to end up being picked on than a child who is all alone. Remind your child to use the buddy program when on the educational college bus, in the bathroom, or wherever bullies may lurk.