3 Major Reasons of Air Pollution Its time to focus what is the reason behind of air pollution.

Actually the issue is some farmers have no idea how to use these sprays. That is in charge of destroying crops also have an effect on whole food sources and the air flow has harmful chemicals which smell by people. Conclusion We know the Human nature and in addition Human needs. So generally we can not stop this and also can’t leave the comfortable life. Yes we can’t stop this but we can control this. We should to use electric vehicles and stuffs than petrol dependent stuffs rather.But, because it was known that abortion rates decreased over once period, it had been unlikely that the low pregnancy rates were due to even more terminations of pregnancy. General I think the analysis is really rigorously carried out, Northwestern University associate professor Diane Schanzenbach informed the LA Times. And I think it’s going to make a direct effect in the field. Still, teen pregnancy rates remain regarding, and the U.S. Rates stay high for a developed nation. Teen mothers face higher health, emotional, financial and social burdens. Only 50 % of teen mothers obtain high school diploma by 22, in comparison to 90 % of women who did not get pregnant while they were young, the CDC reports. Teen mothers who’ve several child when they are young have a higher chance of having a premature baby or a kid with a low birth weight.