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MBA also includes detailed star quality rankings data which CMS is certainly more prominently marketing to seniors as essential plan selection requirements. To find out more contact Tag Farrah Associates at 207-985-8484. To read the full text message of One in Four Seniors Signed up for Medicare Advantage Programs as Annual Election Period Methods, visit the Healthcare Business Strategy library on Tag Farrah Associates’ website.. 25 percent of all Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans As the annual open up enrollment period approaches Medicare Advantage program enrollment continues to inch upwards, with 11 nearly.Those who are abused might have problems getting help since it means they’d end up being reporting on somebody they love — someone who may be wonderful most of the time and awful to them only a few of the time. People might be afraid of the consequences of reporting abuse, either because they dread the abuser or the family members is financially dependent on that person. For factors like these, abuse often goes unreported and several kids and teenagers don’t tell anyone what is going on.BackContinueWhat Should Someone Who’s Being Abused Do? People who are being abused need to get help.