ALOKA announces new ProSound F75 high-end color diagnostic ultrasound system ALOKA CO.

The ProSound F75 allows simple operation therefore the operator can concentrate on the exam in comfort. I: Investment return The ProSound F75 covers numerous applications in one system, with its wide variety of probes, measurement/survey package, and many other factors. Affordable price of ownership is guaranteed due to the reliable system style and easy-to-upgrade software program. With basic and intuitive operation, brand-new users can learn to operate the machine easily. T: Accurate diagnostics By combining all of our cutting-edge technology, the ProSound F75 performs high spatial quality. The combination of the CPWG+ and Total Aperture Apodization perfects concentrate through the entire entire image. This technology will improve the efficiency of examinations, and will benefit both sufferers and examiners.A number of high-risk conditions were present in 189 of 564 of RSV-infected inpatients and in 96 of 355 outpatients . The most typical conditions among high-risk RSV-positive children were prior wheezing, which occurred in 104 inpatients and 70 outpatients , and prematurity, which occurred in 91 inpatients and 30 outpatients . Among children with acute respiratory infections which were either RSV-bad or RSV-positive, the presence of any high-risk condition significantly correlated with hospitalization and raising age .