Three of these cases were fatal.

Both small children developed symptoms on 16 May, were hospitalized on 22 Might, and died on 23 May. Both children had a brief history of close contact with sick and dying hens at their house in the week before indicator onset. The identical onset dates strongly suggest that they acquired their infection carrying out a shared contact with poultry, and not from one another. Follow-up of contacts hasn’t identified further situations of influenza-like illness. Yet another case happened in a 39-year-old guy from West Jakarta. He created symptoms on 9 May, was hospitalized on 16 Might, and died on 19 Might.The last two authors were responsible for the scholarly study concept and design. All authors obtained, analyzed, and interpreted the info. The initial two authors and the last two authors take responsibility for the integrity of the data and the precision of the data analysis and vouch for the fidelity of the analysis to the protocol. Assessment of Aspirin Use Assessment of aspirin make use of in the HPFS and NHS cohorts offers been described in detail previously.8 In 1980, NHS participants were asked if they used aspirin generally in most weeks regularly, along with the dose and duration of use; thereafter, this information was updated biennially . From 1986, HPFS participants were asked if they regularly used aspirin two or more times each week; after 1992, information on the common dose used each week was requested.