But the full day would end as not ordinary.

.. A Stroke of Wellness for the weight loss benefits of healthy eating Friday the 13th in June 2008 began as a normal day time for Bob and Judi Swartz, but the full day would end as not ordinary. Bob would suffer a serious stroke and Judi would take the first methods in a year-long trip of recovery and discovery. Doctors said Bob’s Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure coupled with weight problems were contributing factors to his stroke. Judi knew that she would have to learn healthful eating and make lifestyle changes to facilitate his recovery. We were always fairly healthful, although obese, Judi says.ACOEM is definitely concerned about the process for identifying the medical fitness of commercial automobile operators and has provided its renowned Industrial Driver Medical Examiner training course since 2000. Led by experts in transportation medicine, this ACCME-accredited course has been updated to meet the FMCSA schooling requirements and the faculty is detailed as an ‘Accredited Training Organization’ for the NRCME. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, those eligible to serve as examiners shall be prepared and in a position to sit for the NRCME certification examination. ‘With more than 8 million truck and bus motorists, CDMEs play a vital role in promoting the safety of America’s roadways by ensuring that commercial motor vehicle operators are actually qualified to operate a vehicle,’ said training course director Natalie Hartenbaum, MD, leading expert in transport editor and medicine of The DOT Medical Evaluation, 5th ed.