Than those who have older sisters.

It’s the eye chart. The one with the big E at the top. The Snellen chart features eleven lines of smaller letters progressively. And not just any letters. The Snellen chart uses just nine. C, D, E, F, L, O, P, T and Z Their somewhat clunky appearance, and their spacing, had been all carefully designed by Snellen to test visual acuity. And it’s really Snellen who devised the machine of rating one’s eyesight as a ratio. If a patient could read a line of type 20 feet away using what Snellen judged to end up being normal acuity, he proclaimed them to have got 20/20 vision. Ophthalmology provides since advanced significantly beyond anything Herman Snellen could ever have foreseen.The exomes were sequenced on an Ion Proton instrument with the use of Ion P1 chips and had been processed with the use of Torrent Suite software, version 4.02 . Variant phoning was performed with the Torrent Variant Caller plugin, version 4.0.76860. We filtered away all variants which were not shared by the affected patients and family members who were assumed to be carriers, as well as variants present in general public databases and intronic, intergenic, and silent variants.