Severe to chronic insomnia transition warns of depression risk By Lucy Piper.

Both groups did not differ in terms of polysomnography sleep continuity parameters significantly, but they did differ in regards to to sleep architecture, with people with acute insomnia showing a greater %age of N2 sleep and reduced %age of N3 sleep . Among the patients with acute insomnia, 42 percent still had insomnia three months later and were categorized as having chronic insomnia, while the remaining 58 percent had remitted. Stress and anxiety severity acquired no bearing on whether patients transitioned to chronic insomnia or remitted.The ads will be the first rung on the ladder in educating the public on what has become a commonplace and dangerous practice among drivers. Companion Internet sites urge safer shares and methods vital statistics – – and org/ The magnitude of a distracted crash can change limbs, futures and lives permanently,’ stated OTA President Timothy J. Bray, MD.6 of 6 seconds. OMG and AAOS/OTA 2010 The 2010 OMG PSA marketing campaign material will end up being distributed nationally to 1 1,500 print outlets, including both newspaper and magazines.

Allergy Asthma Research Institute, Forest Labs sign up for SAFE-BioPharma In a move to improve efficiency by reducing paper in their respective procedures, Forest Laboratories and the Allergy Asthma Research Institute have joined SAFE-BioPharma Association.