Popular Antioxidant Seems to Spread Pores and skin Cancer Cells in Mouse Study: WEDNESDAY.

N-acetylcysteine was associated with a doubling of the number of lymph-node tumors in mice who drank the laced drinking water, in comparison to untreated animals, based on the findings. Previously, the same research team reported that certain antioxidants can spur lung tumor growth in mice. Antioxidants are thought to protect healthy cells from damage due to unstable molecules called free of charge radicals, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Wellness . Nevertheless, Bergo believes that antioxidants like N-acetylcysteine also protect cancer tumor cells from totally free radicals that might otherwise slow their growth or keep them from spreading to other parts of the body.There are countless websites devoted to discussing the age old issue of whether it’s better to be in a firefight while armed with an AK-style rifle or an AR-15. From long experience, I can say definitively that the best weapon to use in a firefight may be the one someone happens to possess with you when the shooting begins. Even better than getting in a firefight together with your weapon is not becoming in a firefight at all. The additional thing that can be learned through history is that in times of civil unrest you will see shortages of water, meals, medicine, gasoline, toilet paper, and just about everything else.