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Researchers at the University of Michigan looked at how much protection additional birth excess weight added against developing the disease years later. They found that every 1.1 pounds of birth weight decreases the risk of developing tuberculosis later on by 46 % among similar twins. The association between birth pounds and developing tuberculosis is much stronger for males than females, with girls no more than 16 % less likely to develop tuberculosis for each 1.1 pounds of birth weight, stated Eduardo Villamor, study author and associate professor at the U-M College of Public Health. The chance reduced by 87 % for infant males with each pound. Related StoriesUsing NMR to review influenza and TB: an interview with Dr.The series is normally on screen this week at Pittcon 2012 . The new AB SCIEX 4500 system was created to be the new ‘workhorse’ mass spectrometer with industry-leading ruggedness. ‘Stomach SCIEX extends its technology leadership in the mass spectrometry industry once again,’ stated Rainer Blair, President of Stomach SCIEX. ‘AB SCIEX has launched the industry’s most tough mass spectrometry platform with the best mix of sensitivity and performance for dependable quantitation and simultaneous library searching. The AB SCIEX 4500 series is truly best in class for analytical scientists who need a dependable LC/MS/MS workhorse program to deliver results they can trust hour after hour and every single day.’ Related StoriesStudy can lead to advancement of accurate screening check for early-stage ovarian cancerUCPH extremely, Beckman Coulter Genomics recognize ramifications of cancer on protein signaling networks within individual cellscaprotec bioanalytics issued U.S.