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Genetic testing identifies HIV-positive patients with an adverse reaction to antiretroviral drug abacavir a new genetic test has proven itself in the identification of HIV-positive people who experience side effects of the antiretroviral drug by GlaxoSmithKline could abacavir, the confidence IAS conference presented the AAP / reports. Take one of 20 people who Abacavir has a side effect – like severe flu-like illness with ongoing fever, rashes and gastro-intestinal and respiratory disease – the drug during the first three weeks of therapy read .

Simon Mallal from the Royal Perth Hospital in Perth, Australia, and colleagues discovered in 2002 that the gene, HLA was created 5701 and the reactions developed a test it it. They enrolled 2,000 HIV-positive people in 265 clinics worldwide to take abacavir. Half of the participants were measured using the test, and those who test positive for the gene, where an alternative drug. Mallal said there were ‘literally zero immune responses in the patients who had the genetic testing. ‘.

Co-authors are Dr. Claudia G. Almeida, Jordi Magrane, Reisuke H. Takahashi, Feng Li and Dr. Michael T. Lin – any Weill Cornell Medical College.

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