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Professor Henry Daniell research team genetically developed tobacco plants with the insulin gene and then freeze-dried plant cells administered to five-week old diabetic mice as a powder for eight weeks. By the end of the study the diabetic mice normal blood and urine sugar levels and their cells were producing normal levels of insulin were.

Forty-five people on the 55 – man team are HIV-positive. – – whose boat is called ‘The fight against HIV / AIDS ‘and say their uniforms: ‘Turn discrimination in action ‘ – aims to HIV / AIDS stigma, reduce by their racing skills. The team will compete with about 400 other boats from across the country. However, the team is the only HIV / AIDS Awareness Messages offer at the festival, such as asking the government television station, not broadcast to raise awareness ads during this year’s events.Has been the research as subsidies from the National Institute of Health, American Cancer Society, the, GISTs Cancer Research Fund is of Life Raft Group, German Cancer Aid, the Old Dominion and Daniel K. Louis Trust for Cancer Research, UPCI and supported PA Department of Health.

Lerner Research Institute and Taussig Cancer Center, in Cleveland, and Stefan Duensing, and other scientists of UPCI and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.. Oxfordshire scientists revealed a correlation between a gene and of activities on human blood stem specify rise to the hope that stem cell transplants the success to the blood cancer patients can be improved significantly. Financed Rajeev Gupta, a leukemia research consultants haematologist has revealed that this gene Wilms overexpresses role in regulation role in regulating the manufacture of of blood from stem. Work, in the in the MRC Molecular Haematology Unit is publishes in the magazine Science.

The research team comprising main author Sebastian Bauer, and Thomas M hlenberg, University Essen Medical School, Germany, Jonathan A.