Hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid , calcium hydroxylapatite gel and liquid silicone were used to treat nasal deformities with varying success. Silicon is not usually recommended, however. Because of the greater risk of serious complications such as nodules, cellulitis and ulceration ‘The should use the soft tissue filler in the nose will always and and with due regard to a patient’s individual circumstances,’says Dr.

– Speakers include:.. While soft tissue fillers may be an effective treatment for certain post-surgical deformities, they are generally not first-line first-line option for nasal reshaping. Neither are for patients considering revision surgery recommended as persistent material in the nose can aggravate further action. Fillers are no substitute for good surgical results, warns Dr. Rhinoplasty surgeons must continue to strive for perfection in the operating room. Injection of fillers into the nose requires a high degree of skill as well as a thorough understanding of nasal structures and soft tissues, says ASAPS President Renato Saltz, the risk the risk of poor results or serious complications, patients treatment to search only by a board certified physician with appropriate training and experience.With kind permission of It may total Kaiser Daily Health Policy display Reports, search the archives , or sign up for mail infeed at emperors Daily Health Policy Report reprint for emperor network. A free service of of The Henry J. Publishes. Kaiser Family Foundation.

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