I was very pessimistic at the beginning.

But the research team was able to estimate the accuracy of the reconstruction, and comparisons between the existing species, and they were amazed that the accuracy rates averaged about 98 %. We have to look carefully for errors in the program, why the accuracy was so high, but we could not find any, said Blanchette. Comparisons with DNA from other species, not used in the reconstruction itself confirmed the high accuracy.. I was very pessimistic at the beginning, because I know that we will not be able to a very good job to do[ the reconstruction of the ancestral genome], said first author Blanchette a postdoctoral fellow a postdoctoral fellow in the Haussler years at the lab began working on the project.

Most importantly, it shows how the DNA sequences in each of the lines , which changes to one of today’s mammalian species. ‘You can feel the develops DNA ‘ Haussler Haussler, who helped a browser that compares DNA sequences nucleotide nucleotide across multiple species (‘You can see where DNA was inserted, where it was deleted, where substitutions happened, and where it has not along the evolutionary path to people to people. ‘.

For example, although there DNA sequence DNA sequence data from only eight species in the FOXP2 region of the genome in the Santa Cruz database conducted further comparisons of this region during independent studies by Svante Paabo and his colleagues clearly may may change in FOXP2 have contributed to the development of fluent speech in the human lineage, said Haussler.Sixteen of these WNV infections were initially recognized asymptomatic individuals obtained by screening blood banks, one of these persons subsequently be symptomatic. Of the 234 WNV is cases with symptoms, 97 are West Nile West Nile fever cases, 93 are disease as the West Nile neuroinvasive, and 44 are have categorized with unknown status.

The median age for all instances where information was available= 51 years . The average age to West Nile fever cases= 46 years . The average age on the West Nile neuroinvasive disease cases= 59 years . 149/234 of cases are men. It were six deaths, still in California in Orangeburg 1st and Los Angeles counties.