A capillary drawer with integrated glass cutter.

The SMP40 contains a number of carefully considered design features the user’s experience the user’s experience: a guard samples samples and acts as a sunscreen, a capillary drawer with integrated glass cutter, and a convenient storage space for prepared samples self block cleaning is as easy as possible through good access to the block.

Stuar and Technologist.. According to Jackie Taylor, Stuart Product Manager, melting point determination has identified a simple way and check the purity of solid compounds, the chemical with a broad spectrum of and processing companies. New SMP40 keeps Stuart leadership in melting point technology, ease of use, accurate results, and a USB port so that video downloaded to a PC transferred to a PC. Care long is long-term traceability is important, so that batch test results tested if a quality problem arises is in the production process. Since melting points automatically using the digital camera identifying the smallest changes in the sample determines , labor intensive and a large number of tests can be carried out more efficiently. ‘.

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