Co-Dependents Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships. The only requirement for membership is a desire for healthy and loving relationships.

If you are new to CoDA you may be wondering “Am I codependent?” At CoDA, we offer no definition or diagnostic criterion for codependence. What we do offer is a list of patterns and characteristics as a tool to aid in self evaluation.

CoDA has developed a set of Tools for Recovery that assist Newcomers looking for more information on codependence.

Northern Ohio CoDA Intergroup (NOCI)
Meeting Minutes and Agendas
NOCI  Meeting January 10.2016
Solon Library
Call to Order and Check In
Meeting called to order by Katie at 2:32In attendance:     Katie: Medina; M.G.: Cuyahoga Falls; Nadia: Mentor;  P.B.: West Side;

Skype: Charnez from Cleveland Nottingham

Reading 12 Traditions: as a group
Treasurer’s Report: none available; Patricia not present
Review & Approval of last month’s minutes: Motion passed.

Reports on follow up items:
Report on the website subcommittee:

  • Katie will meet with Allie (Hts.) and Abby (West Side) to continue the website work.
  • The Meet Up site is down.

Nominations for Secretary & Voting for Secretary: P.B. self-nominated. Motion passed to elect her.

Report on Sub-committee on Quarterly 12 Step Workshops
The idea is to have a social, and in addition to have 12 step workshops. Kallie (Cleve. Nottingham) is Chair. She was to scout out the Panera in Solon. She’s not in attendance, so follow up is anticipated for February. Katie will call her.

Cuyahoga Falls and Medina group favorably responded to the idea. P.B. will share with the West Side group.

Correct identification of GSR’s and Responsibilities:  Some group members have been representing themselves as GSR’s but not attending NOCI meetings. Nadia will confirm the GSRs for each CODA group in northeast Ohio.

Suggestion to have an email box/address for a home group’s GSR which can rollover when a new GSR is voted into the new role. Report this to each home group. Katie updated the National CODA group numbers to facilitate creating special mailboxes. Nadia will confirm the listed numbers on the NOCI website are the same as CODA Worlds.

Put The Minutes on The Website: Katie is searching for certain resources, then will upload the minutes.
Make copies of the By-Laws: Printed by Katie. They are also on the Norther Ohio CODA website. Go to the Members link then see the By-Laws link in the upper left hand corner.

New Business:
Proposals or Questions from Home Groups:
Charnez: Are there any lists of speakers available in case she cannot open a meeting?
M.G. will check a list that was active two years ago. Nadia had contacted some and found that some were not practicing CODA

Motion to adjourn at 3:09.

Proposed Agenda for the Feb. 14, 2016 Meeting

Call to Meeting and Check-In
Reading of the 12 Traditions
Treasurer’s Report
Review and Approval of last month’s minutes
Reports on follow up items:

  1. Report on the website subcommittee: Katie
  2. Report on the subcommittee on quarterly Step Workshops: Kallie
  3. Correct identification of GSR’s & responsibilities: Nadia
  4. Put the minutes on the website: Katie
  5. Speaker’s List: M.G.

New Business

  1. Proposals or questions from Home Groups
  2. Other new business

Next meeting’s agenda
Next meeting is March 15th at Solon Library, 2:00 – 4:00
Motion to adjourn